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    Leo Gets a New Lease on Life

    He was rescued with 28 other puppies; sickly and in need of urgent care.   Read More...

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    A Very Special Mom and Golden Puppy Litter

    Imagine a Golden who had spent her whole life in a cage, raising puppies or pregnant. Fortunately for her, she was no longer considered a “good producer”, so her owner decided to bring her to a Missouri auction. She was rescued by RAGOM, with support from Friends of Flicka.   Read More...

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    Ode to Joy

    Every so often, someone comes into your life who turns your world upside down in all the best ways. Yogi Bear did just that. For nearly eleven glorious years, or 75 dog years, he gave his unconditional love to the world and those who loved him. He was graceful, clever, devoted, and joyful.  Read More...

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Friends of Flicka is a charitable organization created in memory of a pair of beloved Golden Retrievers, Flicka and her brother Kodiak. We provide funds to carefully chosen animal rescues to care for homeless, injured and senior companion animals.