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    Ode to Joy

    Every so often, someone comes into your life who turns your world upside down in all the best ways. Yogi Bear did just that. For nearly eleven glorious years, or 75 dog years, he gave his unconditional love to the world and those who loved him. He was graceful, clever, devoted, and joyful.  Read More...

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    She's Gonna Make it After All

    Who can turn the world on with her smile? Mary Tyler Moore, a special dog rescued from the country of Turkey. There are an estimated 50,000 stray dogs living on the streets and in the forests of Turkey. Many of them are Golden Retrievers who are often purchased as puppies but abandoned because their owners lose interest in them.   Read More...

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    Once Sick and Struggling to Survive, Jayvyn is Now Living the Golden Life

    In August, 2016 we supported Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest in a large-scale rescue. A commercial breeder was liquidating his dogs after being charged with 134 counts of animal cruelty. With support from Friends of Flicka, 37 dogs were saved.Among those rescued was Jayvyn, who arrived with her three young pups.   Read More...

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Friends of Flicka is a charitable organization created in memory of a pair of beloved Golden Retrievers, Flicka and her brother Kodiak. We provide funds to carefully chosen animal rescues to care for homeless, injured and senior companion animals.