Rescued Animals


Bumbles (2006) was a loving, friendly, happy red Golden Retriever who was scheduled to be euthanized because of seizures.
A wonderful family rescued him and worked on managing his seizures with  medication. He was seizure-free for six weeks when the family's situation changed and they could no longer keep him.
We know that a dog still has a lot of life to live even with seizures! You see, Flicka too had seizures that were kept under control with medication, and eventually she didn’t even need the medication anymore.
We were fortunate to be able to foster this wonderful friend.


Cheyenne (2006), a golden retriever mix, was abaondoned with another dog, Bixby, when their family moved away. Other family members alerted the authorities to their sad situation. He had no vet care in his short life, but was neutered and updated on all vaccinations as well as heartworm-tested before adoption.
He was so well-behaved that he was allowed outdoors with no fenced yard. Cheyenne was happy, friendly and playful and maintained a sunny disposition in spite of his plight. Jones Co, like many smaller counties, had no animal shelter so all animals were taken to local vet clinics where they were held for 7 days to be claimed by their families.


Parker’s sweet face jumped off the Petfinder page. We found out that he was not facing an immediate euthanasia deadline, but that he would be a challenge to adopt because of his skin allergy. Parker, 9 years old, was brought to the shelter because his owner couldn't afford to treat his allergies.
We contacted Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota (RAGOM) to see is they had a foster home that could better deal with his special needs. RAGOM agreed that Parker would do better in a home than in a shelter. The transfer was made and we followed Parker’s story until his adoption – by a RAGOM volunteer!



Rudy (2006) was a special-needs dog - just a baby, really - on Petfinder. Rudy was injured when he was struck by a car. His owner saw how badly he was injured, assumed he wouldn't live, and so he just put Rudy in the barn to die.
A day and a half later the owner realized the pup wasn’t dead yet, so he took him to the vet. He couldn’t pay the cost of his care, so Rudy was surrendered to the
Halle’s Friends organization in Medford, MN.
His leg was amputated and he recovered fully. Friends of Flicka paid off the  remainder of his medical bills and followed his story until his happy adoption.


  • Simba has a new home!

    I lucked out, or rather Simba did. I sent on his Petfinder notice to just a handful of people, but one of those friends made a connection with a family who wanted Simba. I actually drove to Wisconsin with my friend to get Simba, so I got to meet his former family who was heartbroken to give him up.

  • Eddie

    Who dumps a gorgeous puppy like this out in the country??? Eddie! Golden Retriever Size: Large Age: Baby Sex: Male ID: Notes: This is Eddie.

  • Simba--urgent

    This is one of the kinds of postings for which I'm watching when I search every day for Friends of Flicka. Lots of times I can connect up people and organizations and solve a problem without an expenditure for Friends of Flicka and still save an animal. Simba is an excellent example of a perfectly adoptable animal that will be euthanized if a home cannot be found.

  • In Memory of Kodiak

    As he neared the ripe old age of 14, Kodiak had begun to show mild signs of breathing difficulties, so he was taken to the University of Minnesota Veterinary School. An x-ray revealed advanced lung cancer and a blood test showed the cancer was spreading through his body. He came home, but his condition worsened and a return trip to the hospital was necessary.

  • Pins for Pets

    HELP STRIKE TO PREVENT HOMELESS PETS Friends of Flicka is a member of the Homes For All Pets coalition, a group of Minnesota animal rescue organizations dedicated to working together to reduce pet overpopulation. Chuck & Don's Pet Food Stores is planning a fundraising event whose goal is to raise $75,000 for spay/neuter activities. The money raised will be shared among participating rescues in the Homes for All Pets coalition.

  • Rusty needs a home

    I run searches on every day looking for animals that need help. Sometimes I make a connection with the appropriate group or a person I know who can help. Sometimes Friends of Flicka can help with funding, but other times there is just a sweet animal that needs a home and I try to get the word out there.

  • Home for Life: Megan & Piper

    Friends of Flicka sponsors two dogs at Home for Life, Megan and Piper. We recently renewed our sponsorship and received this update. Megan is in the first two photos and Piper is in the second two photos.

  • Home for Life: Megan's story

    Friends of Flicka sponsors a golden retriever named Megan at Home for Life Sanctuary. Here is her story from the Home for Life website. Megan in the Fall of 2007 with animal care specialist Liz Zais.

  • Kodiak & Flicka

    Kodiak & Flicka were golden retriever littermates who were lucky enough to be adopted together. They made the flight to their new home in carry-on bags and were a big hit with the other passengers. They were delightful pups and quickly grew up, but their close brother/sister bond never changed Kodiak was the bigger, handsome fellow with a gorgeous plume tail, a love for fun and attention.

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