Boone 14-024 was at an Indiana shelter when RAGOM was asked to take him in. A 600-mile car ride to Minnesota did not suit this shy and fearful boy, so we came up with a new plan to get him here. A volunteer pilot was found and a free ride secured. Boone was ready to begin his new life.

Once in our care, Boone was treated for worms, and his foster family worked with him to help him overcome his fears. Slowly he grew more confident.

In March, a wonderful couple – both retired airline employees – heard about Boone and figured that a dog who traveled by plane to get here must be meant for them. Boone had found his forever family.

Seven months later, Boone is doing great.  He’s continuing to overcome his fears and having a blast with his family. He spends his days playing with his companion dog Buddy, and running so fast through the yard that he folds himself in half. Boone’s adopters are thrilled to have him in their family.