You would never know it today, but Faith, a one and a half year old shepherd mix, was left to fend for herself at a garbage dump in a remote area of Red Lake Reservation. Not only was she malnourished, but it was also clear by her staggering walk that she was injured as well.

After finding refuge with Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, x-rays determined that she had a spinal injury that might limit her mobility. But Faith hasn’t let it stop her. In her foster home, she gained weight, muscle, and strength. She made tremendous progress with her mobility through just a few visits to an animal chiropractor.

Faith quickly adapted to living in a house and loves lying on her giant doggie bed. Housetrained and very sweet, Faith is reliving her puppyhood by playing every chance she gets. She also enjoys carrying toys around and chewing on bones. She’s learning the fine art of fetch – chasing a ball is easy, but returning the ball is not always what she wants to do.

Faith was adopted by a family that already had a Red Lake dog and the two of them are getting along famously.