On Aug. 4, 2016, Amy Lake, development manager of Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM), contacted Friends of Flicka with an urgent request: “We have an opportunity to rescue Goldens and Goldendoodles from a Missouri auction this weekend. A commercial breeder is liquidating his dogs after being charged with 134 counts of animal cruelty. These dogs will likely be sold to another commercial breeder, where they will continue to live their lives in cages while being bred repeatedly.”

In just over a day, Friends of Flicka and other Golden loving RAGOM supporters contributed $27,000 so that RAGOM volunteers could attend the Missouri auction, where they successfully purchased and saved 37 dogs.

The rescued Goldens were then transported to RAGOM, where hugs, kisses, pets and baths were given, paperwork was completed, and 37 foster homes were provided. Mission accomplished, with special thanks to Amy Lake for her leadership, RAGOM volunteers for their rescue actions, and Friends of Flicka supporters for their donations.

Bringing them home:

Two dogs at the auction await their fate.

A new life in MN.

He’s coming home!

Boone on arrival.

A team of volunteers worked into the night to welcome the rescued dogs upon arrival and prepare them for their foster homes. Pictured here is Boone upon arrival.

Boone enjoying his new life at his foster home.

A Golden life in Minnesota 

Baby Joy, adjusting to her new life in Minnesota, mastering the art or counter-surfing

What unconditional love and Friends of Flicka is all about

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