At a fall animal clinic, Gabe came to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue as a very pitiful surrender. He was truly a broken animal with severe mange, malnutrition and had been chained up with a metal prong collar that left sores all around his neck. The dog screamed as that wicked collar was removed.

There was a small light that remained in his eyes that told us he wanted to live and so we began his long journey to recovery. We believe this poor dog has suffered a long time, we think for years, and we are blessed to be able to help him regain his health and dignity. His poor condition would have looked hopeless to many, but we have seen miracles before.

After six months of tender care with RLRR and in foster care, Gabe was fully recovered and adopted into his forever home. His new family says that he adjusted so quickly to their home with another dog and cats that it is hard to convince people we didn’t just buy him directly from a breeder. “Having Gabe is priceless to us!”

Gabe’s story is a good lesson for us always to think positive and imagine the possibilities!