A day-in-the-life update feature on selected dogs rescued with Friends of Flicka funding support.

As many of our readers and donors know, the dogs highlighted in prior Friends of Flicka articles have endured tremendous trauma – in puppy mills, breeder auctions, or international shelters. The second chance provided to our four-legged friends, thanks to your generous donations, is awesome, uplifting, and inspiring. In this special article, we’re honored to spotlight a number of these rescued dogs a year or two after settling in with their adoptive families, to underscore the positive and enduring impact of your transformative gifts of love, care and kindness.

Javyn, aka Hollywood

Jayvyn then: sick, weak, and struggling to care for her puppies.

Jayvyn was clinging to life and nursing three pups when rescued by Friends of Flicka and Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM). After spending years in a puppy mill, she had untreated pneumonia, an enlarged heart, and high blood pressure. Feeding and caring for her young family had drained her last bit of energy and left her fragile and frail.

It took six months and countless vet visits for Jayvyn to recover, but her transformation was nothing short of miraculous. Jayvyn was adopted by her foster family and began to thrive. Today, according to her many admirers, she has “personality plus.” A fellow dog park visitor, who was charmed by her impish smile and beautiful face, gave her the nickname “Hollywood.”

Jayvyn and her family recently moved to California. Her mom wanted warmer weather and sunshine, but we have to wonder if Jayvyn led the charge to the west coast. After a recent visit to the park, “Hollywood” emerged covered in leaves – a perfect audition for a jungle adventure movie!

Patzy, now known as Abbey

When she was rescued, poor Patzy was pregnant and paralyzed with fear. Unlike most Golden Retrievers, she was reluctant to be around people – a result of the trauma she endured in a commercial breeding facility. But with time and patience, Patzy began to trust her foster mom, who helped with the birth and subsequent care of her nine puppies.

When the pups were old enough, permanent families were found for all. Soon after, Patzy found a family too. Her gentle and patient adopters understood she needed a special home to help her build confidence and grow.

And grow she has, in strength and confidence. While still a bit cautious, she’s now approaching and interacting with people on her own. And when they reach out a hand to pet her, she burrows in for more. In addition to making new friends, she loves car rides, visits to the dog park, and snuggling with her loving family.

Most remarkably, Abbey is also now a certified therapy dog! She visits libraries, helping young children learn to read. She patiently listens as they practice their words. Abbey never judges if they make a mistake and always offers them the same gentle patience that helped her overcome her own struggles.

Ready to report to work – Abbey proudly wears her therapy dog bandana. 


After being saved from the meat trade industry, Comy was crammed in a crowded South Korean shelter. When rescuers first saw her, she was curled in a corner. As they approached, she turned away and shook in fear. It was clear that humans had treated Comy horribly, and a happy ending was unlikely. The shelter was doing what they could for her, but they did not have the resources she desperately needed.

Friends of Flicka offered to fund her transport, and others quickly jumped in to help. Somehow, against all odds and in just a matter of days, it all came together. A flight from Korea to Chicago was arranged. Upon arrival, a volunteer was waiting to take Comy home for the night to rest and recover. A kind pilot donated his time and expenses to fly her from Chicago to Minnesota, where RAGOM had a wonderful volunteer waiting to foster her. After a journey halfway around the world, Comy found freedom and love.

After adapting to her new life in a foster home, Comy was adopted by a perfectly matched Golden-loving family. Slowly but surely, Comy recovered from her previous traumas. She is now comfortable around people and assertive in expressing her needs. She alerts her family when the clock strikes mealtime, and loves ear scratches, belly rubs, and going for walks. She thrives on the companionship of the family’s two other dogs. “She is truly our girl,” her adopter states.


Leo was rescued with 28 other puppies, sickly and in need of urgent care. Just 10 weeks old, he was emaciated and had an infection, respiratory illness, and digestive issues.

His loving foster home cared for him day and night, slowly nursing his weak body back to health. Though he made tremendous progress, Leo needed adopters willing to work with his ongoing health issues. Luckily he was adopted by the perfect family.

Leo has been with his permanent family for over a year, and they have witnessed an amazing transformation. Once an ailing pup, Leo is now a big healthy boy who loves to run and play. He has a blast chasing rabbits and squirrels, socializing at dog day care, and even camping with his family. Over the summer they made several trips up north, and Leo loved being out in nature. Now that fall is here, Leo stays busy attending his human siblings’ football games and socializing with the crowd.

Leo soaks in nature’s beauty

Leo cheers on his favorite football players

Yogi, now known as Baloo

Yogi was joyfully welcomed into his new life by Friends of Flicka’s Jim Seidl.

In March of 2017, Friends of Flicka was contacted by RAGOM. A large commercial breeding auction was taking place in a few days, and without intervention, the dogs would be sold to other commercial breeders, where they would continue their miserable lives in cages, forced to breed repeatedly.

Not long before being contacted by RAGOM, Friends of Flicka had lost a special friend, “Yogi Bear,” who had passed away after sharing his unconditional love for 11 wonderful years. In his honor, Friends of Flicka co-founders decided to make a special gift, along with a special request to RAGOM: Please do everything possible to bring home all of the Goldens!

RAGOM sprang into action and orchestrated a plan that saved all 10 Goldens as well as a Goldendoodle mom and her seven puppies. For the first time in their lives, these 18 dogs would know the warmth of a loving home.

In honor of our special friend, RAGOM named one of the dogs Yogi. After a stay in a foster home where he received love and socialization, Yogi found a perfect family.

Yogi has been with his forever family for over two years and has lost all traces of the shy, sad dog he once was. His new family calls him Baloo, and they love him to the moon and back. His family includes another dog, Mowgli, and the two dogs are inseparable. Together they wrestle, play, and frequently get into doggy mischief – whenever mom’s not looking. When he’s not busy having fun, Baloo loves to snuggle with his people and snack on lettuce.

Baloo’s family recently moved to a new home, which meant leaving behind their beloved apple tree. But his mom has that covered too. “I can’t wait to surprise them with the eight pounds of apples that I picked, for a slice of home.”

His family feels so lucky to have rescued Baloo. “He was the one that rescued me,” his adopter said. No doubt the feeling is mutual.