Kara had spent her life producing puppies in a breeding facility, and her imprisonment was clearly taking a toll on her body. Every one of her ribs showed, her hip bones protruded, her fur was in rough shape, and her eye was infected. A lifetime spent in a cage with little human contact had left her nervous about everything, untrusting of people, and continuously anxious in new surroundings.

Kara was aging rapidly with deteriorating health, and consequently no longer useful to the breeder that owned her, so he brought her to a commercial auction in Missouri. Thankfully, Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest was there that day to rescue her, with funds provided by Friends of Flicka. She was taken in by a kindly foster family, and her life was forever changed.

Kara was very nervous at first. Everything was foreign to her. Anything that was new or out of place sent her scurrying away. When she noticed a snow shovel leaning against the house, she wouldn’t go near it. A new bag of dog food on the kitchen floor made Kara bolt out of the room. Even a piece of paper would send her scurrying. Walking through doorways was especially stressful for her.

To help her adjust, her foster mom patiently accompanied Kara near scary things. “That’s okay,” she’d assure her, and reward Kara with a treat when she approached objects that frightened her.

Kara’s confidence grew. For the first time in her life, she received gentle baths and massages. She discovered she liked fresh fruit, peanut butter, and even whipped cream. She loved praise and ear rubs. She thought she’d gone to heaven.

Kara loved to snuggle with her foster mom.

Kara learned so much. She mastered how to walk up and down the stairs, ride in cars, and approach people. Her foster family took her on daily walks, and she relished the chance to stretch her legs and explore. At home, she loved to rest on cushioned furniture, a sensation never previously experienced, and especially enjoyed falling asleep near her foster mom at night.

As Kara’s spirit awakened, her body was restored. Thanks to nutritious meals three times a day, Kara gained much-needed weight. Her bones no longer showed, her new fur became soft and healthy, and her tail doubled in size. She was stunning. She had healed her body and learned the skills she’d need to be a fully engaged and joyful dog. She was unconditionally loved for the first time in her life, adapting well to her new environment, and ready to live with a permanent family.

A wonderfully caring family learned about Kara, and they were eager to help continue her
transformation. They welcomed her into their home, and she has blossomed.

Kara’s family sent out an adoption announcement.

Kara is now full of energy and spunk. She loves to play and cuddle with her new family and friends, and she has quickly bonded with their two other dogs, who are quickly becoming her newest best friends and constant playmates.

Kara lounges in her chair with best friends Nieko and Zoey.

At times, the formerly fearful Kara has even become downright bossy! If she wants a treat, she’ll gently hold her adopter’s arm and guide her to the treat cabinet. If she wants to snuggle near her adopter and there’s something in her way, she’ll move it and climb up next to her. “She’s bossy and sassy and we wouldn’t want her any other way,” her mom said with a laugh. It’s fun for Kara’s family to see her so happy and assertive. “Breeding dogs need a lot of love, patience, and time,” Kara’s mom said, “but once they trust you, you are their whole world. We’re so grateful to Friends of Flicka for their donations to help dogs like Kara. Without them, we never would have met her and had her choose us as her new family. Kara completes our pack and we will be forever grateful.”

Safe, comfortable, and content in her new home, Kara naps peacefully.