Friends of Flicka sponsors two dogs at Home for Life, Megan and Piper. We recently renewed our sponsorship and received this update. Megan is in the first two photos and Piper is in the second two photos.

Thank you for your sponsorship of Megan and Piper. Attached please find a recent photo we hope you will enjoy.
Over the years, Home For Life has been blessed with the support of many compassionate people. These people understand that every living creature has innate worth. They understand that a creature’s worth doesn’t get smaller just because times are tight, or resources are scarce. Indeed, these humane people see that when times are hard, we must try even harder to help those who are having the worst time of it.

When hard times hit animal shelters and rescues, certain animals always have the worst time of it—the old, the disabled, and those with medical or behavior issues. They cannot compete with the other animals for adoptive homes. Some may wait years, exhausting the efforts of their rescuers, and still never find a home. And many others will never make it to the adoption floor. Instead, their chances will seem too bleak to bother, and they will simply meet an early end, though their lives are every bit as valuable as more adoptable animals.

Hundreds of such cats and dogs have found a happy landing at Home For Life sanctuary. And many shelters and rescues have found in Home For Life a partner and ally in the effort to do what we can for our canine and feline friends. Since its founding in 1998, the sanctuary has welcomed animals from dozens of shelters, vets and rescues in around the country, when all other efforts on their behalf had failed. Seeing a dog or cat that was without options get a second chance inspires hope in all of us who care about animals.

Lately the news has been filled with stories of people who are also facing hard times. More than ever, we appreciate your support as we reach out to help the many disadvantaged people of all ages served by our community outreach program, the Pet Peace Corps. Next month HFL is expanding one of our outreach programs, SIT*STAY*HEAL, to begin work at the Polytrauma Unit, located at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis. The Polytrauma Unit is just one of four facilities that care for soldiers returning from the war in Iraq who have sustained multiple and severe injuries due to road side bombs and the like. Our volunteers will bring HFL dogs to visit these latest veterans and help reassure them that their fellow citizens are mindful of their sacrifices and care about their futures. We are proud that HFL’s Pet Peace Corps programs are reaching so many people in our community, thanks to the support of our donors and sponsors.

We hope you were able to catch the Ron Schara MINNESOTA BOUND feature on HFL, which aired on Sunday, April 20 and Saturday, April 26, 2008 on KARE 11, Minneapolis/St. Paul’s NBC affiliate. Please plan on seeing the sanctuary in person this summer. We will be open again for tours to our donors and sponsors beginning the first weekend after Memorial Day and thereafter every Wednesday and Saturday at 1:30 pm by appointment. Thank you again for your kind support!

Lisa LaVerdiere
Executive Director