In an unassuming home in a tidy neighborhood of Istanbul, you can hear the occupants long before you see them. They greet you with more warmth and affection than you can take in. Except for one very tiny fellow, who greets strangers by baring teeth and barking until you stop looking into his eyes. Ultimately they all want two things.

“They cannot talk. They don’t steal. They just want food and affection.” Yasemin Baban knows exactly what they want, because she has spent the last decade rescuing them from the streets and forests of Istanbul. Baban has made it her mission to find homes for stray dogs, no matter where it takes her or the animals.

“I have dedicated my life to saving dogs and cats and domesticated animals here,” Baban said. In a strange twist of fate, she has found homes for dozens of the dogs nearly 6,000 miles from Istanbul — in the United States. Specifically, Atlanta.

“It’s amazing. It feels like a dream,” Baban said. Read More