As he neared the ripe old age of 14, Kodiak had begun to show mild signs of breathing difficulties, so he was taken to the University of Minnesota Veterinary School. An x-ray revealed advanced lung cancer and a blood test showed the cancer was spreading through his body. He came home, but his condition worsened and a return trip to the hospital was necessary. It was a terrible shock because it came on so suddenly, but a blessing because he did not have to suffer. Our thoughts are with his lonely and confused young friend Yogi and the family and friends that loved him.

Dear Denise:

As you may have heard, Gus’ beloved Kodiak passed away late last night at the U of M Vet Hospital. Thankfully he rested off to sleep peacefully gazing at Gus, while petted, hugged and kissed by both of us.

The King of Dogs is now reunited with his dear friend and sister Flicka, along with Gus’ other Golden family members Bear, Grizzly, and Panda.

As painful as the decision was, as his condition worsened throughout the day and night, when Kody confirmed that he was ready, Gus and I recognized that he had lived his last good day and we knew that it was the right thing to let go before the pain overcame us all.

Thankfully, he left us in the majestic way he led his 14 years of healthy life.

Pure love.

Pure joy.

Pure golden boy.