Murray was a little terrier shepherd mix pup that was semi-feral and lived in the shadows in the Bigstone area of the Red Lake Reservation. After several attempts, he was captured and brought to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue where it was determined that he had mange which would require daily medication.

Eventually he chose to remain at the rescue and received his treatment at mealtime, but then the other dogs began to pick on him. Most rescues wouldn’t take him, but one of our repeat foster caregivers accepted the challenge and ultimately shared these thoughts:

“I don’t know if there’s anything more bittersweet than taking a being into your home who comes to you terrified, lost and untrusting of everything. You teach him that he’ll be ok around us 2-leggeds, show him that living inside a roof and walls can be safe and warm, and watch him grow into a playful, confident, loyal and loving companion… then say one last goodbye as he turns back to look at you as he’s being lead away to his new home and new life.

“We’re ecstatic that you found a forever home, Murray. And we miss you more than words can say.”