Bruce was one of the early rescues of Friends of Flicka. I saw him online, in a shelter in St. Cloud, MN, marked down for quick placement and I knew we had to help him. A friend and I actually drove up and adopted him and brought him back into the care of RAGOM (Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota). On the drive back, we stopped at a gas station and when we came back to the SUV, Bruce had moved into the driver’s seat. We laughed so hard, but it was appropriate for Bruce. He found a family that loved him until the end of his life at age 14. Read updates from RAGOM:

From Bruce’s forever family…

We adopted Bruce in October of 2008 after going a few years with no dogs as pets just cats. Bruce is so awesome in every way! We can’t imagine not having him in our lives. I learned about RAGOM through our local vet and started the adoption process. At first we requested a female under the age of 6, then received the phone call on Bruce who is a male and approximately 10. At first that kind of scared us, but we fell in love with this guy almost immediately! He has his moments of puppy energy and makes us laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever kissed and hugged a dog so much and I have witnessed my husband doing this too. Thanks RAGOM for everything you do! Your program is the best and we truly are blessed with Bruce.


10/08/2010: Bruce has been with his family for 2 years this month! Boy time flies when you have such a loveable fellow like him! Even though he is approximately 12 years old according to the vet, you would never know it. We have 2 wonderful parks near our home that we visit daily and the way he romps around you would think he is a pup. Bruce travels with us everywhere from camping trips, snowmobile racing in the winter and just small errands we run in the car. We love him so much and he loves us.
Enjoy the pictures, he may look very serious but he is a very happy man.

The M’s and Bruce

08/17/2011: Our wonderful boy Bruce is loving life and continues to be a joy for our family. He’s always happy and comes with us just about everywhere. We love him to pieces and he loves us. He will be 13 in October.


October 17, 2008, was the day I was adopted! Happy 4thAnniversary to me! My mom made me promise that I would give them 2 years of love and I have done that and more. Always a pleaser that I am.
From Bruce, Mom and Dad.




 It is with great sadness that our fur-kid Bruce left us on Thursday, May 16th. We loved this boy so much and our home is so empty. I made Bruce promise me that when we adopted him at the age of 10 that he would give us 2 years of his life. He was with us for 4 + years. Bruce was the type of dog that everyone he met loved him and even people that weren’t dog lovers loved him. Bruce went with us everywhere camping, running errands, snowmobiling racing, visiting friends and family and we even snuck him into hotel rooms. He had the whole back seat of the truck equipped with sleeping bag for comfort, water bowl and food. Our lives evolved around this sweet boy. Bruce loved winters the most and how fitting that when our final snow left Bruce left us shortly after that too.


Bruce we love you and hope you are enjoying your walks in the woods. Until we meet again sweet boy, God speed.


Love, Mom and Dad