In August, 2016 we supported Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest in a large-scale rescue. A commercial breeder was liquidating his dogs after being charged with 134 counts of animal cruelty. With support from Friends of Flicka, 37 dogs were saved.

Among those rescued was Jayvyn, who arrived with her three young pups. She had endured years in a puppy mill and suffered from untreated pneumonia. Because she had gone so long without veterinary care, her heart was enlarged and her blood pressure was high. Feeding and caring for her young family was draining her last bit of energy, and by the time she arrived in RAGOM’s care, she was extremely weak. She likely would not have lived much longer without intervention.

It took all of Jayvyn’s strength to care for her puppies.

Upon rescue, Jayvyn and her puppies were brought to a local foster home where her foster family began the challenge of nursing her back to health. Because her lungs were in such poor condition she required countless trips to veterinarians and specialists. But with the support and comfort she was receiving she slowly began to improve.

Though her lungs and heart were still sick, Jayvyn began to thrive. She bonded with her foster mom Lena and the family’s resident dog. She befriended the family’s cats, including her favorite, a feisty young cat named Little Mister. She discovered soft beds and the fun of chewing on bones and toys. And with the nutritious food provided, her coat became full and shiny. As her strength improved she began to enjoy daily walks.

Jayvyn and Little Mister quickly developed a special bond.

Jayvyn (left) learned from her mentor Roy Boy, her foster family’s resident dog.

Her foster mom helped her care for the puppies so Jayvyn’s energy could be spent on getting healthy. Working together, they raised three beautiful puppies who were soon ready for families of their own.

Jayvyn and her foster mom Lena worked together to care for her pups.

The puppies were adopted into loving families, but Jayvyn needed more time to recover and grow stronger. Nearly six months after her rescue, she was finally healthy enough to be placed for adoption.

But her foster family didn’t have to look far to find the perfect family for her – she was already home. They completed the adoption paperwork to make it official.

Miraculously, Jayvyn made a full recovery, and today she is in good health. Each day she joins Lena and companion dog Ori for a walk at the off-leash dog park. She learned to swim and discovered how much she enjoys retrieving sticks from the water. She also loves playing with her countless toys, accompanying Lena on errands, and spending time with her family. She has mastered the art of living and loving.

Jayvyn is all smiles after an afternoon of swimming and fetching sticks.

Her adoptive family is so happy to have Jayvyn in their lives, and thankful her rescue was possible. “I am so grateful for the financial support provided to RAGOM that allows these dogs to be rescued,” Lena explained. “Jayvyn is a beautiful soul in an exquisite Golden Retriever body and sadly she would not be on this earth if it weren’t for the generous donation from Friends of Flicka.”

For those of us at Friends of Flicka, there is nothing better than seeing Jayvyn’s joyful smile and knowing we were able to help.