In 2017, Friends of Flicka made a contribution to Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest to help them rescue dogs from a commercial breeding auction. Patzy was one of the dogs helped.

Not yet two years old, she had just had a litter less than six months before. Without intervention, she would be sold to another commercial breeder, where she would live her life in a cage, being bred repeatedly.

Her life changed dramatically on May 6, when RAGOM successfully bid on her at auction. Patzy was pregnant and likely to give birth any day. In an instant, her fate changed from breeding commodity to loved dog.

At first, Patzy did not realize her good fortune. She was brought to the closest veterinary clinic after leaving the auction. Paralyzed with fear, she had to be carried into the clinic on a stretcher.

Patzy, newly rescued and still very scared

Patzy was brought to Minnesota and welcomed into a foster home, where she began to learn about the kindness of humans. After a few days, Patzy began to trust she was safe and attached herself to Dayle, her foster mom. She even began to shyly approach Dayle for petting.

She discovered the comforts of soft beds, nourishing meals, and shelter, a much-welcomed change for a pregnant mom-to-be.

Days after her rescue, Patzy went into labor. Over the course of a long day, she gave birth to nine healthy puppies. Watch video of Patzy and her tiny puppies here.

Patzy and her nine newborn pups

Her labor experience was likely quite different from those of her past. She did not want her foster mom out of her sight, so Dayle stayed by her side, monitoring and caring for her and doing everything possible to keep her comfortable. In addition to her meals, she was served refreshing bowls of ice cream and given back massages to ease her labor pains.

Over the next ten weeks, Patzy and her pups were doted upon. In addition to Dayle’s nearly round-the-clock support, dozens of volunteers took shifts cleaning, helping with laundry, socializing the pups and preparing meals.

Patzy was an incredible mom. She was determined to keep the puppies fed and clean. And with over 100 visitors coming to help with the puppies, her fear of people greatly diminished, and she began approaching people for petting. Big men, little kids – all were worth meeting for a scratch on the head.

Patzy begins to trust in the kindness of humans.

She began to enjoy being loved and cared for. Her coat filled out and began to shine from the nutritious food she was provided.

One by one, the pups were adopted into loving homes. And then it was Patzy’s turn. Dayle, her foster mom, explained. “A foster cannot go through the experiences we have been through and not fall in love. We worried together when a little one wasn’t feeling well. We shared vanilla ice cream. We whelped and raised nine beautiful puppies together. We said goodbye to each, one by one.”

Dayle was thrilled when she received information about a family who was interested in meeting Patzy. They had adopted other commercial breeding dogs and had a young playful dog who was ready for a companion. Patzy went right up to each family member when she met them, and Dayle knew she had found her match. “I cried when the adoption day came, but I knew this was the best thing in the world for her. She had just turned two years old and needed a young playful dog in her life. She deserved a loving family of her own.”

“Don’t look back, Abbey,” Dayle told Patzy upon her adoption. “You are on your way to the Golden life. I couldn’t be happier for you.”

Patzy is now known as Abbey, and she is dearly loved by her new family. She has settled into her new home and loves exploring her big fenced yard, napping on the couch, and playing with the family’s other dog.

Her days as a commercial breeding dog are far behind her.

Abbey and her best friend Malibou

Puppy mill dog no more – Abbey enjoys napping on the couch.