In March, RAGOM was contacted about 11 dogs who had been living in a hoarding situation. The dogs were in terrible shape — without enough food and water, each was severely underweight. IV fluids and nutrition were required.

Knowing these dogs were in need of physical and emotional care, we knew we had to help. Transport was quickly arranged, supplies were gathered, and 11 families volunteered to foster the dogs. It was an amazing display of RAGOM’s ability to mobilize and act at a moment’s notice. Because of the kindness of so many, these dogs were able to receive a second chance.

Braden was one of the dogs seized. He arrived at 32 pounds — about 30 pounds less than he should weigh. He began a high protein, high fat, high calorie diet, with 3 meals per day. He needed to be fed separately from the resident dogs in his foster home — because of his near starvation, he eats as much as he can, as fast as he can. Exercise also needed to be restricted.


Braden was severely underweight when rescued.

With the gentle care of his foster family, Braden grew to be affectionate and began to trust humans. After a month, he was strong enough to chase squirrels in the yard and go for regular walks.

Today, Braden and the dogs from this case are thriving. It’s your support that makes it possible for us to say yes when called upon in situations like this. Braden was recently adopted, but the other dogs from the case are still in RAGOM’s care. The case against the dog’s owner is currently under prosecution.

These wonderful dogs are in need of permanent families to call their own, willing to help them discover that clean, nourishing meals and plentiful water are now a given in life, and that going forward, the humans they encounter will be kind and caring.


Click the links below to learn more about each dog, and consider making one a part of your family.You can also sponsor the dogs with a gift of any size by clicking on their link below.

Thank you. Because of your kindness, Alana, Braden, Cait, Declan, Eamon, Finnbar, Garret, Hannah, Iona, Janette, and Fuzzy are receiving their second chance at a golden life.



(Janette 16-052 coming soon!)


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