When gentle giant Reggie 13-428 came to us in 2013, he was a bit of a handful. He was 98 pounds of cuteness, with a tremendous appetite – for things like books, coffee pods, and magnets.

A trip to the vet revealed a large abdomen and abnormal lab values. Cushing’s disease was suspected, but first they had to take care of an infection in his tail. Antibiotics weren’t enough, gangrene set in, and a partial amputation was needed. During the surgery, two lumps were discovered, one of which was cancerous.

Meanwhile, Reggie’s appetite for hand warmers required a trip to the emergency room – twice. A second surgery on his tail followed soon after. But despite all he’d been through, Reggie still had a smile on his face and an easy-going attitude.

His tail healed, and he was ready for further testing. Cushing’s disease was confirmed, and Reggie began medication. Soon after, his tremendous thirst and appetite for non-food items disappeared. There was more great news for Reggie when tests revealed no further cancer.

Finally, nearly a year after being in our care, Reggie was ready to be placed for adoption. Reggie met a wonderful young woman who was not scared off by his Cushing’s diagnosis or his propensity to eat unusual things. Reggie now enjoys three walks daily and another dog to play with. He also relishes time the dog park, car rides, and a soft bed to rest his big frame. Reggie’s time in our care was expensive, but he was worth every penny we spent.