Friends of Flicka Supports RAGOM’s Istanbul Express.

Friends of Flicka was approached by RAGOM (Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota) for support in a special project to rescue 15 homeless Golden Retrievers from the country of Turkey. We responded with a gift of $1000. Following is the story.

There is a canine crisis in Istanbul, Turkey, with 32 overcrowded animal shelters and 50,000 dogs struggling to survive on the streets. Among the unwanted dogs in Istanbul are many Golden Retrievers. Not long ago, having a Golden Retriever was a status symbol in Turkey. Unfortunately, the novelty has worn off, and now many Goldens are suffering in Istanbul’s streets and shelters. Dog adoption is unpopular in Turkey, so Goldens in shelters often languish there for years. There isn’t room for most of the dogs, so they roam the streets and the forest.
Many Turkish Goldens are malnourished and yearning for human attention, and RAGOM is one the few Golden Retriever organizations in the U.S. with the necessary infrastructure to assist them. We have been in contact with volunteers in Turkey, and feel compelled by our mission and our hearts to help. In October, we will bring 15 Turkish Goldens to Minnesota.

The Minnesota-bound Goldens have a long journey in front of them. They will need to get health certificates in Turkey, and then they will be transferred to Luxembourg. From there, they will fly on a private, climate-controlled cargo plane to Chicago, where they will be picked up and driven to Minnesota by RAGOM volunteers.
Once they are here, we will ensure they have comfortable foster homes in which to rest and adjust, the medical attention they need, and the love and support they crave. This rescue effort will be expensive, but we feel these special dogs deserve a chance to experience the Golden Life in America.