I was very touched when I read Rosie’s story on the website for Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota (RAGOM), so Friends of Flicka decided to sponsor her to help with her extra medical costs.

Rosie #10-077
(Fostered in Dayton, MN)

Sponsored by: Friends of Flicka

Rosie has been in her new foster home for only one week, and she’s already making tremendous progress adapting to life outside of a Tennessee puppy mill. Even though she has always lived outside with very little shelter and had never received a bath before coming into RAGOM, she is very well-behaved in the house and loves to be brushed and groomed.

Rosie is 7 years old and was used for breeding. Her front upper and lower teeth are worn down to the nubs from chewing on her wire cage. The nerves are exposed in those teeth, along with two canine teeth, which are broken in half with the roots exposed. She needs to have the teeth pulled, but her blood test results show some problems that must be fixed before she’ll be strong enough for dental surgery. After the teeth are taken care of, she’ll need to be spayed.

One of the blood tests showed that she’s anemic, and we’re hoping that will get better now that she’s been wormed. The hookworms and whipworms are cleaned out of her system, but it will take a little time for her to recover from that. The vet is concerned about another blood test that measures liver and kidney enzymes. Hopefully, a urine culture will give us the info we need to get back into balance. Rosie also has a staph infection on her skin, which makes her a bit itchy. She’s taking antibiotics for the infection.

While we work on building up Rosie’s immune system, she’s on pain meds for her teeth. She eats soft food, and her appetite is good.

She’s got a great attitude — very affectionate and friendly, and curious about new experiences. Rosie is getting relaxed in her foster home, and she even played with a soft squeaky toy yesterday! She acted like a little puppy, and was able to chew on the toy with her side teeth.

Sometimes she gets bursts of happiness and jumps around in the yard, or rolls around and groans with ecstasy at feeling safe, well-fed, clean, and comfortable. She loves to have her belly rubbed and her butt scratched.

Even though Rosie has great social skills and is adjusting well, she needs some special things as a puppy mill rescue. She has always been with many other dogs, and has never been alone. So she needs to be in a home with other dogs. Her foster mom doesn’t leave her and her dog buddies alone without a human for more than a few hours at a time. Also, she needs a yard with a secure physical fence to ensure her safety.

Rosie is great with kids and cats, although she probably shouldn’t live with kids under 12 years old. She is afraid of men. She isn’t around men in her new foster home. When she first arrived in Minneapolis, she stayed at a different foster home for a couple days, and she was frightened when a young man came to visit. When her current foster mom takes her for walks, she cringes when she sees men or hears them talk. She’s also afraid of certain hand gestures and body movements, but she’s becoming more relaxed and trusting of people she knows.

She has no bad habits in the house — she lets us know when she needs to go outside, and she doesn’t counter-surf, chew on things, or get into the garbage. As she becomes more relaxed and playful, though, we’re discovering that she likes handmade knitted things like scarves and hats. We simply trade these things for a stuffy toy, and she’s happy.

Rosie needs to lose about 10 pounds, which will be no problem with the proper diet and exercise. Her muscles are weak, but she’s getting stronger every day as we go on gentle walks. She gets excited at the sight of rabbits and squirrels, but doesn’t pull very hard on the leash trying to chase them. She found a big puddle in the park today, and like a typical golden retriever, laid right down in it. Rosie is a gem, and she will be a fabulous family dog when she’s ready to be adopted.

Rosie and Moose sitting in a tree K I S S I N G!!! I love my new buddy Moose.

Hi Rosie here – just a quick update to let everyone know that I am now in Dayton with Moose and I do everything that Moose does so I am learning how to be a BIG dog!!!

I am feeling much better now that my mouth surgery is over—–just one little problem with pulling 14 teeth out of my mouth…….it hurts! And by accident my jaw was broken so I really was hurting. Other than wishing someone—ANYONE would take this thing off my face, I am doing OK.

I was a little bit scared with my move to Moose’s house, but now I am barking at the golfers and loving life!!! I even got a walk tonight, and met some new people. I met the next door neighbor, and HE loves me and I was loving him. I am super excited about learning life and am feeling safe and secure more and more each day.

I will give you more after the weekend!! Love and kisses and I do give out kisses to all of you. Also if anyone can help RAGOM with my surgery costs that would be awesome – Plus I still need more surgery for a spay and mammary gland removals and testing.

HI FM here ….I love HER. She is a gem. She is so very fragile and needs some loving hands to guide her and prep her for her FOREVER family!! Stay tuned and you two dogs GET OUT of THE TREE!!!

HELLO to my new sponsors – Friends of Flicka!!!! THANKS so very much for your wonderful sponsorship!!!

Rosie is doing the Charlie Brown happy dance. YIPPIE for her new sponsor’s help to get her healed up!!! Really what would we do without amazing and caring people like you???

Foster Mom here: Thank you so much for taking the time to track Rosie’s progress and helping RAGOM give her the medical attention that she so DESERVES!!! Being a puppy mill dog is a really lonely sad life and now she can get the medical attention necessary to get her healed and to show her the world is not a bad place, showering her with the love and attention she truly deserves. And that is not possible without help from CRAZY WONDERFUL SPONSORS like you!!! FRIENDS OF FLICKA you are the best!!!! Hugs and kisses!