Who can turn the world on with her smile? Mary Tyler Moore, a special dog rescued from the country of Turkey. 

There are an estimated 50,000 stray dogs living on the streets and in the forests of Turkey. Many of them are Golden Retrievers who are often purchased as puppies but abandoned because their owners lose interest in them. Some languish in shelters for years; others are released to live on the streets. The most unfortunate are brought to the forests where they typically do not survive among the many feral dogs.

A couple years ago Mary Tyler Moore was among the dogs living in a Turkish shelter. She suffered from skin problems and arthritic joints, and she was lonely and seemingly depressed. Friends of Flicka partnered with Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM) to rescue her and fourteen other dogs and bring them to America.

Mary Tyler Moore in Turkey. Her fur had been shaved off because of her skin condition.

Passport in tow, Mary Tyler Moore arrived with very little fur, walking stiffly. The photos of her in Turkey showed a dog who was sad and lifeless, but upon being greeted by a team of volunteers at the airport she quickly came to life. It was as if she understood that a good life was ahead of her.

We discovered that Mary Tyler Moore can truly turn the world on with her smile.

Mary was welcomed into a RAGOM foster home. Along with veterinary care to help her sore joints, she was showered with love and attention from her foster family, and she soaked it all in. She made friends with everyone she met, young and old.

“Mary is an incredibly happy dog. She’s thankful for every pet and belly scratch she gets. She doesn’t demand much, but loves every bit of attention she can get. We love her so much,” her foster family explained.

Once she settled into her new life in America, Mary began to thrive. As fall turned to winter she got her first taste of the holiday spirit, and she embraced it. She enjoyed sleeping by the fireplace and snuggling up with her foster family.

And then she got the best gift of all – a family which included two other rescue dogs and understood how special she is.

Mary Tyler Moore has been with her new family for a couple years now, and she is living a wonderful life. Although she still has some trouble with her joints, she is spunky and full of life. Her skin issues have been addressed and her coat grew back in, and she is a beautiful dog.

Mary is a favorite among her family’s friends and relatives, and she is skillful at persuading people to pet her. She loves being with her companion dogs Jackson and Benji, and relishes her daily banana snack along with regular naps. She has also taken on the role of family alarm clock, notifying everyone when it’s time to get up with her amazing internal sense of time.

Mary Tyler Moore, right, with her companion Benji

When the weather is nice she loves to wander outside, strolling at her own leisurely pace. She lifts her head and sniffs whatever the breeze is blowing. No longer having to worry about the challenges of her former life in Turkey, Mary Tyler Moore now delights in turning the world on with her charm, with her new, very wonderful family in Iowa.