Tacy 14-207 had been an outdoor dog for ten years before coming to RAGOM. Her first trip to the vet upon her arrival revealed she had both heartworms and Lyme disease.

Over the next several months, she received three heartworm injections – a lengthy and painful treatment. Her foster family cared for her and kept her as comfortable as they could. When she was ready, she begin to enjoy new activities, including trips to the cabin, where Tacy showed them they could both pet her and fish at the same time.

It didn’t take her foster family long to realize Tacy was special. They decided they could not let her go, and permanently adopted her. Tacy now enjoys all the comforts of being an indoor dog – snuggling on the couch, nudging people for petting, walks, and the companionship of the family’s other dog.

Her adopter states, “We never thought we would adopt a senior dog, but it has been a great decision. We love her like we’ve had her for ten years.”