Scruffy is a sweet old dog we sponsor at RAGOM (Retrieve A Golden Of MN).

Have I mentioned how in love with Scruffers I am? In case that hasn’t come across fully, this dog is a complete lover. I have some pics I’ll get up of some of our cuddle sessions. He loves loves loves to cuddle and comes up for pets all the time. He’s always kept in the background until last night where I pretended I didn’t see him so he kept coming closer until he felt the need to give my hand a kiss 🙂

Scruffers loves the snow too. He acted like he didn’t quite know what was going on at first but now he’s a champ plowing through this stuff.

Scruff gets invited to all the neighborhood parties too. Well, if you call shoveling your driveway a party! A couple of my residents and the neighborhood dogs get to run in the dead end street and Scruffy gets to be on a long flexi-lead and watches, thinking maybe he can keep up with the young whipper snappers…

Scruffmuffin would love to have a furever home to spend Christmas in! He’s the easiest foster I’ve had, and that’s saying a lot! He just wants to love you and doesn’t expect much in return, just a few scritches, some cuddle time and short walks. (Although he does walk 3 miles a couple times a week!). If you think you have what it takes to give this speical guy a home, contact your placement advisor!

And if you’d just like to come give him some cuddles without the commitment, he’ll be at the Stillwater PetCo this Saturday, 12/11! come out and say HI.


I know that all my pics of Scruff show him laying down asleep but he’s so darned cute that I can’t help not sharing these! He is awake every now and then 😉 But I’m too lazy to try and capture that cuteness… Plus, now you get to see our daily snuggle ritual!


Well, Mr Scruffers is irrevocably spoilt now… no two ways around it. I have picked him up and put him in bed with me the past 2 nights. He is such a snuggle bug and now sits all pretty at the head of the bed at night wanting to come up, so of course I oblige. 4 dogs and me 🙂


Well look who is Mr. Popular!! My Scruffers of course 😉 Not only does he have wonderful sponsors, Friends of Flicka and Connie Jendro, but he is getting a page of Christmas tokens now!! A special thank you to Judith Cummings who knows where to send the love… to scuffmuffin. Another special thank you to his Anonymous giver who made a special donation to all the sweet sweet seniors at RAGOM. You are truly an angel.

A special thank you to Scruffy’s girlfriends, Jadey-cakes and Maggie-poo… He’ll give you some extra kisses on Thursday 😉